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Get your Facebook App ID/API Key from You will need the information in order to allow users to upload image to Facebook.

. album name, delete images/albums) How we would like to upload images Login Webserver > Photos>Facebook . ASP.Net and Facebook API Developer Wanted

$me = $facebook-> api ('/me'); print_r ($me); /* Array . 'picture' => ' . perms: "{"extended":["status_update","photo_upload .

Upload images to facebook using php sdk, upload images from url to facebook, tag facebook images using graph api

I like this new API.' The Graph API reference facebook api upload image provides more . Upload a photo to an album: message, source, place (multipart/form-data) .

Question: How to upload an image from my webserver to facebook via FB API? I'm writing an application that retrieves images from the user's photo album, makes some .

Here's a brief overview of how the code works, along with links to more detailed documentations and the link to the source FLA. To post to your photo album, you can just use:

Following Script tells how to publish photos to Facebook using the API.

i wrote an application for facebook but i couldn't upload image to album that i created, code is in below Facebook.FacebookAPI api = new Facebook.FacebookAPI(GetAccessToken());

Der Image Upload mit der graph-api von Facebook ist ziemlich einfach und gut zu benutzen: Nachfolgend gibts zwei Codeschnipsel mit dem man A. Alben anlegt

I am trying to upload an image through my application with Facebook Graph API to an album of my fan page. Although I provide the albumID like a parameter for uploading the .

Facebook exposes a rich developer API that allows you to build both Web
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